The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) CEU Course Completion Requirements

Attendance Policy:

Students attending courses that offer IACET CEUs, will be required to attend 100% of the total time that the class is in session. In the event that weather or other related occurrences affect the student’s attendance, The Training Institute of Site Safety, LLC (TISS) will determine student eligibility to make up missed time on a case-by-case basis. Only one to two hours of make-up time is permitted for this training course. Should this occur, it is the student’s responsibility to contact THE TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SITE SAFETY, LLC (TISS) to schedule a make-up session or arrange to attend another scheduled event. Students will not be eligible to receive certificates of completion without making up missed time. Please contact Maria Diaz at 212-683-7200, for any questions before, during or after training.

At the end of each course, assuming all payment requirements are met, certificates of completion will be handed out to all participants. Any missed class time or work must be completed within 3 months of course completion to be considered eligible for CEUs.

Continuing Education and Training Registration Form:

Students will be required to complete a Continuing Education and Training Registration Form to request CEUs for any eligible courses. Forms will be available upon request during each class. They must be completed, signed, and returned to the Director of Training or Training Coordinator before the class completion.

Participation in Learning Activities:

All in-class assignments/assessments must be completed by each student. Students are expected to be attentive and participate in all learning activities. Respect and professionalism should be shown at all times towards fellow attendees during any interactions.

Course Examination:

All written course assessments must be completed at the conclusion of the training or for multiple day events on the final day of the training. If the student has not passed the assessment within this time frame, they will not be eligible for CEUs associated with the training. All students must meet or exceed the minimal score of 70%.

Course Evaluation:

All course evaluations should be completed in their entirety by each attendee and returned to the Director of Training or Training Coordinator. Class evaluations are used to improve our curriculum and training design.

Course Completion Requirements:

If any violations of the above requirements occur, no CEUs will be awarded. Any questions or concerns should be directed to our Executive Director, Director of Training or Training Coordinator.



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