By providing certified and licensed professionals with over 30 years of construction safety industry experience, we pride ourselves in employing the most qualified Site Safety Managers 

e Safety Management
The Site Safety Program in New York City requires an individual to be designated on every “Major Building” project to perform the duties of a Site Safety Manager. This person must be licensed by the Department of Buildings and be present on these projects from the beginning of construction/demolition until the building is enclosed or completely demolished.

A Major Building is defined as:
  1. Any new building being constructed or old building being demolished that is taller than 10 stories, or higher than 125’.
  2. Any new building or demolition where the footprint of the building is 100,000 square feet or larger, regardless of height.
  3. Any partial demolition on the interior of a building taller than 10 stories or 125’ where mechanical equipment will be used (machines, bobcat’s, etc.).
  4. Any facade alteration of a building taller than 15 stories.
  5. Any construction project that has been designated a Major Building by the Commissioner of the DOB.
In addition, a Site Safety Plan (design drawing) must be first approved by the DOB before a permit will be issued for the five types of projects listed above. Please see our safety plan/program services. 

Audit Inspections
Clients seek proactive measures to eliminate workplace accidents and losses. Site Safety, LLC performs project audit inspections to minimize hazards throughout the duration of construction. 


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