Increasingly, construction site safety is being recognized as an important risk management tool. Implementing a safety program increases productivity and the quality of work being performed while reducing losses and project delays. A failure to identify and control risks can result in massive costs and potential injuries. Site Safety, LLC offers solutions that ensure your construction site will be compliant, efficient, and safe. Our team can design custom safety measures for any construction project that will conform to building codes in any jurisdiction. We approach a construction site with an unbiased and objective view while remaining focused on our priority of ensuring a safe work environment.

Site safety is crucial to the efficient and successful completion of any construction project. 

Whether you are a building owner, construction manager, general contractor, licensed professional, or subcontractor; implementing a safety culture is a smart investment.

Services available from Site Safety, LLC are:


We staff certified safety professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry:

Construction Site Safety Managers

Construction Site Safety Coordinators

Concrete Safety Managers

Fire Safety Managers

Construction Superintendents


We are the leading experts for site inspections and representation: 

Construction Inspections

Life Safety Inspections

Professional Representation 

Expert Witness 


With our unsurpassed expertise and experience, we will guarantee an approved safety plan for any project, no matter how large or small: 

Site Safety Plans & Programs 

Fire Protection Plans 

Occupant & Tenant Protection Plans 

DOT Logistics Plans



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