Day 3- Worker Participation

In order for a company’s safety and health program to be successful, workers must actively participate. Often workers know the most about the functions of the job site and the potential hazards. Worker participation in the development and implementation of the program taps into this wealth of knowledge.

It is the responsibility of company management to encourage all workers to adhere to the practices detailed in the safety and health program, regardless of position. According to OSHA, employers should follow these steps to garner successful participation in their company’s safety and health program:

Encourage workers to participate in the program.

Encourage workers to report safety and health concerns.

Provide workers access to safety and health information.

Involve workers in all aspects of the company’s program.

Remove any possible barriers to participation.

Statistics show that every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. Even if it has not occurred at your company, workplace injuries are a common occurrence. Please review and share this poster from the National Safety Council (NSC) detailing the statistics on workplace injuries and tips on how they can be prevented:


If you have any questions or would like assistance with improving safety at your workplace, please contact Site Safety by calling 212-683-7200 or email We are ready to help! 

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