The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has retired the B.E.S.T. Squad, Excavation and Scaffold Units. Going forward the work will be completed by two new Units: 

The Construction Safety Compliance Unit

This Compliance Unit will inspect all Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, and Demolition projects. They will also approve Site Safety Plans. Led by a new Assistant Commissioner, Ausberto Huertas, they will proactively inspect all high-rise and low-rise projects on a monthly basis. 

The Construction Safety Enforcement Unit

This Enforcement Unit will inspect complaints, perform inspection sweeps in reaction to incidents or bad contractors, and also re-inspect Stop Work Orders. This Unit will be supervised by Assistant Commissioner, Leo Miller.

The formation of these two new Units is a reorganization and will not effect the work being completed by the Department of Buildings. 

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