NYC B.E.S.T. Squad Plans:

Our dedicated staff will prepare drawings, research codes, meet with your team, and obtain any necessary approvals for your permitting process. We are experts in the area of any New York City Site Safety Program for Major Buildings and will guarantee an approved safety plan.

NYC DOT Logistic Plans:

Site Safety, LLC staffs draftspersons and expediters who will meet with DOT representatives, draft logistics plans, and obtain your approvals for your project. This also includes obtaining an Office of Construction Mitigation & Coordination (OCMC) number.

Fire Safety Plans:

The New York City Fire Department requires a Fire Safety Plan for any project that requires a Site Safety Manager. Our experts can provide this service for your project

Evacuation Plans:

All construction projects must maintain an evacuation plan during the course of the project. In the event of an emergency, you can be assured that the evacuation plan provided by Site Safety, LLC will be clear and understandable by all workers and tenants alike. Our plans will provide a drawing as well as written procedures to be followed. 

Tenant Protection Plan (TPP):

New York City Building Code requires a TPP for any alteration or change in use, occupancy, or egress of an occupied or soon-to-be occupied building with a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. We understand what is required and can get this TPP completed correctly.

CAL OSHA Safety Work Plans and Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP):

All employers with more then 20 employees in California are mandated to maintain an IIPP to improve the health and safety of workers. Site Safety, LLC will provide a complete IIPP that will include the necessary means for an effective program that will provide a safe workplace for you and your employees.

Site Specific Programs:

These programs detail the safe operation of varying construction operations, including job hazard analysis, and task specific safety measures. There are numerous local, state and federal agencies that require site specific safety plans to be produced and maintained on their projects. We can provide any safety plan for any project and have close to 20 years of experience working with such agencies.

Corporate Safety and Health Programs:

In today’s marketplace, you can no longer get by without being proactive and prepared for scrutiny by regulatory agencies, or insurance companies. That is why Site Safety, LLC provides the most up-to-date information and practices for your corporate safety program. We will meet with your staff, review your operations, and prepare a comprehensive Corporate Safety and Health Program.

Hazard Communication Programs:

All construction projects, whether a one-story commercial renovation, or a 50 story high-rise residential condominium, will require the use of hazardous materials and chemicals. This is why the law requires each project to maintain a Hazard Communication Program that is complete with all of the proper procedures for their use, storage, and clean-up. Our Hazard Communication Programs will completely satisfy any regulatory agency’s review.

OSHA Programs:

Related to the Site Specific Program, the OSHA Program details the steps taken during an OSHA inspection, your rights, and standards for general construction operations.

NYC Noise Mitigation Plans:

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection requires of every construction project to implement a “Noise Mitigation Plan.” Site Safety, LLC can prepare a basic or alternative Noise Mitigation Plan for any construction project. This plan identifies specific measures that must be taken to reduce decibel levels on construction projects.

Safe Work Practices Programs:

As Safety Professionals, we understand the standards for safe construction operations. These Safe Work Practices Programs will identify hazards associated with construction and detail the necessary steps needed to comply with OSHA requirements.