Qualified Rigger and Signal Person Training

Any person designated as the qualified rigger by an employer who performs specific rigging operations and load activities should register to this course to comply with the new OSHA requirement 1926.1400. It also fulfills the training requirements for Qualified Signal Person under the new OSHA Subpart CC- 1926.1400. Effective November 8, 2010, per the new Cranes and Derricks Standard Subpart specified in 29 CFR 1926.1428, a qualified signal person is NOW required in any construction site.

Course Information and Description
OSHA now requires that signal persons, riggers, an operators be trained, tested, and qualified to meet the new OSHA Rule 1926.1400. This training includes getting workers familiar with both verbal and hand signals. They also must know how to familiarize themselves with the limitations of the crane or hoisting equipment they are using or signaling.
Regulations discussed in this course are ASME B30.5, ASME B30.9, and OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.1400.
Topics included but not limited to:
  • OSHA Standards and Requirements
  • DOB Rules and Regulations
  • Basic rigging principle
  • Rigging component identification
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Align selection
  • Rigging inspection
  • Wire rope and chain design
  • Rigging techniques
  • Crane components
  • Proper use of the ANSI hand signals
  • Crane descriptions
  • Working near power lines
  • Voice signals
Course Length: 8 hours not including breaks and lunch hour.
Language: English
10% Discount for 2-3 attendees
15% Discount for 4 or more attendees

Attendance Policy: Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities. Only 1-2 hours of make-up time is permitted for this training course. Should this occur, it is the student’s responsibility to contact THE TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SITE SAFETY, LLC to schedule a make-up session or arrange to attend another scheduled event. Student will not be eligible to receive certificate of completion without making up missed time.

A TISS staff will be available before, during and after each course to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at 212-683-7200 or Training@site-safety.com Please contact our Director of Training Development for Additional classes, dates and group discounts at maria@site-safety.com or 212-683-7200

Registration Price: $250.00

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