NYC Requirement: To renew Climber/Tower Crane Rigger certification in NYC, all workers must successfully complete 8 hours of training as mandated by the 2014 Construction Code, Building Code Chapter 33. To renew a Climber/Tower Crane Rigger License in NYC, the licensee must successfully complete 8 hours of training as mandated by the 2014 Building Code.

Audience: This training is geared for construction foremen, riggers, safety supervisors, rigging inspectors, or crane operators who assist/supervise in the work of jumping or erecting of a tower crane.

Course Materials: This course consists of several different components which include power point presentations, lecture, real life case studies, class discussion and hands on demonstration. We will provide a student manuals, Hands-on demonstration, and in-class practical exercises.

Course Length: 8 hours, not including breaks and lunch hour.

CEUs: 0.8

Course objectives:

  • Learn how to navigate the New York City Department of Buildings website to select appropriate Building Codes, New York City Rules, Bulletins and applications.
  • Identify the rules and regulations that were promulgated after serious construction accidents in New York City.
  • Choose safe work practices at their construction sites based on prudent decision-making.
  • Identify rigging equipment and its hazards
  • Discuss Common causes of accidents with cranes and Rigging
  • Identify derricks and other types of cranes
  • Read Loading Charts and Develop skills necessary to understand rigging calculations
  • Analyze the qualifications for Mast Climbers, Cranes, and apply these methods to their plan, setup and inspection.
  • Identify unsafe conditions in the use of load binders
  • Inspect rigging hardware and recognize unacceptable conditions
  • Explain the proper use and limitations of the various rigging equipment and hardware (wire rope, synthetic slings, shackles, eyebolts, hooks, etc.).
  • Explain safe working practices to consider when performing hoisting and rigging.
  • State the proper hand signals used during lifting operations.
  • Recognize the responsibilities and practices of the Qualified Operator, Inspector, and Rigger

Course Policy: Students must earn a 70% or more in their final exam and participate in all class activities in order to successfully complete the course. Upon successful class completion, students will receive a picture ID wallet card certificate.

Attendance Policy: Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities. Make-up time is not permitted for this training course.

THE TRAINING INSTITUTE OF SITE SAFETY, LLC staff will be available to students and respond to any of their needs prior to, during,o rafter each training event

Registration Price: $250.00

This course is currently closed.


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