Expert Witness 

Whether seeking a consultation, document review, expert testimony, or a risk assessment, Site Safety, LLC is available for any client need. We can assist with research, trial preparation, and testify at depositions, or trial. 

Additional Consulting Services:

General Industry

Site Safety, LLC is qualified to inspect your location for compliance with health, safety, and environmental conditions to protect your employees from hazards that may exist in all industries such as hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, schools, retail establishments, and the like.

ECB Representation

Site Safety, LLC is familiar with the procedures of the New York City Environmental Control Board and the Department of Buildings' Enforcement Unit. We can provide professional representation on your behalf at hearings and “cure certify” violations when needed.

Life Safety Inspections

We are called upon to review both existing and potential safety plans, programs, evacuation plans, and construction plans of buildings such as hospitals, schools, and hotels. We provide a full review of your project or building for compliance with fire and safety regulations.

Professional Representation

Site Safety, LLC will represent your company before regulatory agencies such as the Federal Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to advocate on your behalf when seeking guidance or an opinion, or even to contest a citation.