Established in 1999, Site Safety, LLC is a national construction site safety consulting, training, and management organization. Our expert services are construction site safety management, safety plans, safety programs, inspections, and fire safety. We specialize in high-rise construction and major construction projects such as hotels/resorts, airports, and stadiums. Also, we have managed safety on hundreds of new buildings, demolitions, exterior fa├žade repairs, and a variety of other civil projects such as power plants, transit facilities, and hospitals.

After almost two decades, we are leaders in the construction safety industry. We provide construction safety services across the country, with main offices located in Los Angeles and New York City. With vast experience in construction and our expert knowledge of building codes and regulations, we will guarantee an approved safety plan/program for your project, no matter how large or small. Our approach to a construction site is unbiased and objective with a focus on maintaining a safe work environment.

Site Safety, LLC offers solutions that ensure your construction site will be compliant, efficient, and safe. 


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