Site Safety, LLC is an independent construction safety consulting firm proficient in performing a complete source of construction site safety management services to ensure safety compliant projects. Site Safety, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest degree of service in the areas of Construction Site Safety Management, Construction Site Safety Plans, Site Safety Programs and Safety Training.

Site Safety, LLC is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), certified by various local, city and state agencies, including:

  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
  • Empire State Development Corporation
  • New York City School Construction Authority
  • New York City Department of Design & Construction
  • NYC Mayor’s Office of Contracts (VENDEX)

Site Safety, LLC is a member of the National Safety Council and our personnel are members of the American Society of Safety Engineers, which illustrates our firm’s commitment to safety. Our staff consists of Construction Safety Managers, Licensed New York City Site Safety Managers, Professional Engineers, Draftsman, and Safety Instructors specializing in many areas of safety within the construction industry.

With our team of experienced safety experts, Site Safety, LLC is equipped to provide a complete safety and health management program. Site Safety, LLC maintains a high degree of service by retaining the latest updates in local, state, and federal rules and regulations and by continuously recruiting qualified professionals to manage safety and health issues on our projects.

Site Safety, LLC’s approach is to dedicate upper management for technical support and direction in order to facilitate a smooth execution of the multiple tasks and activities involved on a construction assignment. Our management philosophy for all of our projects is to provide competent and skilled professionals appropriate to the size, complexity and safety needs of various projects. This results in the fulfillment of all contractual requirements during construction as set forth by our clients.


Site Safety, LLC monitors projects and acts on behalf of our clients to ensure contractors’ compliance with safety, health and related provisions contained in the contract documents. Site Safety, LLC continues to successfully ensure that safety and health management programs are complied with as dictated by our clients and/or respected authority on each project. We have an outstanding reputation in servicing our clients and our goal is safe work environments on all of our project sites.

Under its leadership, Site Safety, LLC has provided site safety services on new construction, renovation assignments, occupied facilities, commercial structures and public programs such as educational facilities, courthouses, transit facilities and aviation projects. Site Safety, LLC has met the many challenges of numerous construction safety programs and is committed to providing expert safety services for your firm.

Our wealth of projects, services, clientele and experienced staff allows Site Safety, LLC to perform any safety task requested under any type of project condition. It is this dedication that enables Site Safety, LLC the ability to provide a safe and successful Construction Safety Program.

Site Safety, LLC has a full complement of qualified construction site safety management inspectors experienced in a variety of projects including:

  • Commercial and residential high-rise construction
  • Private sector high-rise construction
  • Public transportation projects
  • Public School projects
  • Energy Plant Station projects
  • Airport construction rehabilitation
  • Façade work

Approach to Providing Services:

Site Safety, LLC takes great pride in its consistent ability to provide a professional, courteous and honest service to all of our clients no matter how large or small a construction project may be. Our approach is to ensure that contractual requirements are met with the utmost integrity, diligence and objectivity. We base our reputation on our ability to meets our clients needs while providing a service that is consistent with our ethical standards and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the construction industry.

It is our goal to provide the construction industry with the best possible protection for worker and public safety alike. We approach a construction site with an unbiased and objective view while remaining focused on our priority of ensuring a safe work environment. We strive to perform our functions with the utmost respect and professionalism, with the intention of establishing good working relationships and cooperation with all those present at a given job-site.

However, in the event our observations yield imminent hazards, inadequate safety measures or unsafe procedures, Site Safety, LLC will not hesitate to take whatever steps necessary to abate an unsafe condition.